Isolations. A Video Poem by Maggie Hall

Maggie Hall   _______________________________________ Completed: Master of Creative Industries, May 3rd, 2020   Recipient: Margaret Olley Scholarship, Friends of the University Art Prize, 2019   FABLE: The art and heart of storytelling, April 3rd to 28th 2019, Group Exhibition, Writing, Painting & Photography   Life in Three Parts: an autobiography, August 8th […]

Isolations. A Video Poem by Maggie Hall

Exploring the Feminine and the Divine


Spanish poets Inma Pelegrín and Katy Parra join their voices with Irish poet Siobhan Mac Mahon and London poet Hannah Stone in this International Writers at Leeds event. The artists celebrate life and light alongside their exploration, through poetic dialogue, of how the feminine consciousness is embodied and expressed in relation to divinity.

Music by Irish guitarist Sabrina Piggott. Translations and final poetic collage (using exclusively verses by the 4 poets) by Antonio Martínez-Arboleda (University of Leeds).

The video contains original poems in English and Spanish as well as some translations. The event took place at Leeds Central Library on 3 February 2015.

With thanks to Leeds Trinity University, Instituto Cervantes of Leeds and Manchester, Leeds Central Library, School of Modern Languages and Cultures (University of Leeds) and Transforming with Poetry at Inkwell.

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Tesco Chainstore Massacre



I’m a Tesco terrorist
a food shopping anarchist
every little helps
so, I help myself
to a little something
from each shelf
I don’t wash my hands
after I’ve pissed up the walls
or feel guilty
when afterwards
I fondle the fruit and veg stalls
I ‘accidentally» drop bottles
of tomato sauce
 on the floor
and leave it for
‘Gary, spillage on aisle 4’
I’m a Tesco terrorist
a food shopping anarchist
I put Tesco finest sirloin steaks
through as onions on the self service machine
and in some guy’s basket, at the till
when he’s not looking I put
cucumbers, KY jelly, and top shelf magazines
I’m a Tesco terrorist
a food shopping anarchist
I pay with pennies and I push in queues
spit in the customer comments box
and block up the loos
I swap price labels
and wear my pyjamas in store
or if it’s a 24 hour
I wear nothing at all
I’m a Tesco terrorist
a food shopping anarchist
because Tesco world is coming
unless we all resist
Stan Skinny  
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