Exploring the Feminine and the Divine


Spanish poets Inma Pelegrín and Katy Parra join their voices with Irish poet Siobhan Mac Mahon and London poet Hannah Stone in this International Writers at Leeds event. The artists celebrate life and light alongside their exploration, through poetic dialogue, of how the feminine consciousness is embodied and expressed in relation to divinity.

Music by Irish guitarist Sabrina Piggott. Translations and final poetic collage (using exclusively verses by the 4 poets) by Antonio Martínez-Arboleda (University of Leeds).

The video contains original poems in English and Spanish as well as some translations. The event took place at Leeds Central Library on 3 February 2015.

With thanks to Leeds Trinity University, Instituto Cervantes of Leeds and Manchester, Leeds Central Library, School of Modern Languages and Cultures (University of Leeds) and Transforming with Poetry at Inkwell.

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Send them back, we say,
those refugees,
the nameless millions seeking sanctuary.
The faceless hoards. Like pigs
we herd them in a pen.
What need have we to lie awake
in the laundered linen of our beds
and think or feel or give a dam.
You cannot sell humanity.
You cannot buy their pain.


For it isn’t you or you or even I
must leave the place we once called home –
the charred and smoky remnants of our lives –
surrounded by the brute hostility,
the naked hatred in our neighbours’ eyes.
For it isn’t you or you or even I
that terror hounds within the night
and stalks its fearful prey.


We do not lie alone in empty beds
where once our gentle lover laid his head.
It’s not our children that we hold
and rock and rock throughout the long,
long night.
Not us must fail to find the words,
not us who have no answer for,
not us who cannot fill
their dark eyed holes of broken trust
that plead with us to find redemption
for a loss too soon
to even know its name.


So send them back, we say,
our hearts are closed.
We have no room.


Copyright © 2014. Siobhan Mac Mahon
Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved

Forgotten Memory



Let us grieve for the broken body of our Earth,
For the pillaged devastation of our despair,
Crying out in her agony
Her legs splayed open wide
And all her treasure plundered.


Let us cover our naked bodies
In the ashes of our dead and weeping
Kneel upon this blessed Earth
Sending up a great lament
Imploring her forgiveness.


For this is our body
This is our blood.
Only we have forgotten.


We have forgotten
The Holy Mystery of our lives
The place where prayer
Opens softly in the darkness
Of our bodies humming
With sweetness, the place
Where every cell and fibre of our beings
Is ringing out an Angelus
An Alleluia chorus, an Ave Maria.


Let us remember
The deep well of our belonging
The Holy Mystery of our lives
And let us dream
A new world into being.


Let us dream
A new world Into being.


Copyright © 2014. Siobhan Mac Mahon
Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved