I sometimes hate my cell,

The enforced austerity of space,

The timely occurrence of events,

Retribution for crimes of omission.


One day,

The leg of the bench,

Where I sat everyday for hours,

Will become a club.


One day,

The timeliness of routines,

Will work its magic for us,

But not for you.


Copyright © 2012. Angustias Manzanera (A.M.A.)

Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved

Industrial Revolution



Aisles of stone along the river

Fed tall incestuous mills

With innocent blood and talent

In tamed pastures of England’s glory.


Selfless surrender of joy and pride

Bread, butter, beer and sweat 


Casually awaken plastic dreams

Watered down metal pain

Fractured spikes of wooden bones

In hung-over dark junk yards


Selfless flowers of art spring

Organic rot of Northern progress


Copyright © 2012. Tony Martin-Woods (A.M.A)

Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved.

Economic break up



I’m in the middle of an economic break up.

There’s no lack of emotion, no waning devotion,

no love lost, no loaded words, no bickering, no spite.

No fights, no third party. He still writes me songs,

but my heart’s in recession.

We’re resigned, us both, to our different destinations,

but George, I’ll Guido Fawk you over

and Mariano, my ex-boy’s going to Murdoch all your assets

just as soon as we’ve both escaped

our economic heartbreak.


Copyright © 2012. Elizabeth Lamb

Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved.

New Life



When death takes possession

Of terminally ill bodies

Future flourishes

For the maggots who devour them.


Let’s celebrate life

Of those happy flying beings

Breaking through their chrysalis 

Among all that rotten matter.


Some of them will be

Owners of worlds

Of unparalleled abundance

And leisurely plenitude.


Some others will dream

Of becoming flying birds

Who will conquer the skies

And cruise, majestically, over the seas


Copyright © 2012. Lucía Fuentes (A.M.A.)

Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved




Every night

When I get back,

Totally knackered

From the gym,

I like to have

A good rant

Over the internet.


Mens sana

In corpore sano


Our Facebook

Who art in my fingers



Tweet, tweet

The number of the beast!


I like

To sort out the world,

At home,

From my sofa.


In the name of Marx

And Bourdiou

And The Guardian Education




We are off to Egypt

After the Athens conference.

We’ve been there before

And we really loved it

So we are going back.

There is no internet in the boat

Behave yourselves in my absence!

Nice pics on my return.



Copyright © 2012. Angustias Manzanera (A.M.A.)

Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved