Dracula Hearse




Winter’s black mulch bites with old familiarity

this makeshift dream sense of reality

soggy moss fringe on dank tarmac

the traffic din roar, not that I am that

their warm hum passing this pedestrian shadow.


Man plus the machine, an AI chip fixes my brain

sequence the genome by back up copies

Span the multiverse through quantum time

encounter my variant twin, twin variables

gesticulating our apeth grins

in a labyrinth of crazy mirrors.


Entanglement, special attraction, entropy

a hologram, homeward bound

for the multiverse, in my Dracula Hearse


From World at Large Part 2

Copyright © 2015. Robin Ouzman Hislop

Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved


Robin is editor of on line poetry journal Poetry Life and Times at www.artvilla.com/plt. He edits both Facebook Pages PoetryLifeTimes and Artvilla.com as extensions of the Artvilla site, which he also edits.

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