The Marxist Dada Stool Club




We lost our faith in democracy

Capitalism and markets,

So we decided to get creative

And chose some better targets.


Some things can’t be properly

Conveyed just using words,

So we decided to start the fightback

Swapping petrol bombs for turds.


Take it to the enemy,

Strike a dagger in their vampire hearts

On the 7th, 9th and 18th greens,

Being careful not to fart.


We’ve ten years of clean getaways,

They still think it’s just one man,

But they misjudged the power of artists

With our precision bombing plan.


Sneak in and squat on the target,

Though it might seem base and mean,

Bomb the symbols of elitism and privilege,

But wipe your arse: stay clean.


We’re the Marxist Dada Stool Club,

A dedicated crew.

We’re credible and we deliver,

Our policy is always to follow through.


It might look crude and simple,

But I don’t suggest you try it

Unless you’re thorough and committed

And on a high fibre diet.


We’re the Marxist Dada Stool Club,

We don’t need a pooper scooper.

Bare our backsides at austerity,

It makes more sense than Yvette Cooper.


Copyright © 2015. Jimmy Andrex

Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved

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