Prime Minister,


This is dramatic.
Humanity can’t wait.


Her Majesty,


Children die,
rotting in the streets.




Let’s pull our weight
to end this misery and hell.


We understand, Tony,


Equipment, water, food
can be sent in due course.


But we’ll do things properly,
we’ll connect with the nation
capturing the imagination
of every decent mind and soul.


Let the public jump
off our glorious cliffs
with hand-made parachutes
and Mickey Mouse full kits.


Let them fly to the jungle,
to run a triathlon,
in the scorching heat,
wearing a fur coat
(a plastic one, I mean).


White nose Johnny
will sing a love song
in 5 different languages,
in the North Pole.


and Chris Evans can auction
a red gorgeous Ferrari,
on a BBC show.


Bidders will flock!


…and forget about politics,
forget it, you fool!


…forget taxing the rich
they could leave us soon.


…forget about solidarity,
charity will just do!


Copyright © 2014. Tony Martin-Woods (A.M.A.)
Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved

1 comentario en “Solidarity

  1. I might be boring or petulant with the abundance of my contributions here, but to let me enjoy the shooting of fireworks into the dark air of poetry… To me a number of aspects spring to the eye when reading this poem: one, the two voices, first Tony’s, then the reply to Tony’s plea from the establishment, original resource ( which prompts perhaps the following question: is poetry a critical dialogue with one-self, adopting different personalities, a kind of DoctorJekill and Mr. Hyde linguistic exercise, one between das Es, Ich und Über-Ich, the id, ego and the superego inhabiting in us ? ) . Two, the use of official wishy-washy formulae from politics and journalism ( «can be sent in due course, we’ll do things properly, connect with the nation capturing the imagination, every decent mind and soul» ). (By the way I wonder where «Education, Education and Education» got lost in the History´s accidental meanders… and where it led us to in the present days ? ). Three, the varied, image-full, colourful yet sober language and the fluidity of its reading. Fourth, the images, the hidden surprises, for example in the trilogy Jump-Jungle-Johnny, the red gorgeous ( ! ) Ferrari ( «because you’re gorgeous la-la-la … » , I challenge anyone of you here to write a poem using the following suspects: gorgeous, cute, sweet, posh, snob, to utilise and so on ). Sixth, although it is almost a minimalist linguistic creation, there is more work into it than it seems at first sight, there is a lot of work here. Seventh, the poem remind us of our show-business banal society ( but was Mankind any time serious and intellectually decent ? ) . I forgot Fifth, the use of modern vocabulary … Mickey-Mouse, parachute, triathlon, Ferrari … . All in all, let me say here, an enjoyable creation. One can agree or not, entirely or partially, with it, but reading this poem is both enjoyable and reflected. And from this point of view it has fulfilled the mission of poetry: to entertain and to make us reflect.

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