It’s a Free Market



Lively chit chat

At the infallible tempo

Of the clinking of glass.


A drizzle of jazz

On live canapés.


Waiters who model.


Our man

Keeps his business cards

Very close to his chest.

No rush, no push.

He knows what is right

He knows who to approach

He knows how to wait

He knows when to fall

Softly and warmly

On his pickled prey:

The greedy relation

Who awaits with a smirk

For the usual courting.








It’s all up for grabs,

It is all fair game,

It’s all the same,

It’s all just money,

At the end of the day.

(We don’t discriminate cash for its colour).




When the deal is ready,


The cloths of both parties


Drop discreetly on the floor.


Only Private Eye

Knows the strength of their bids.


No chance

For clean


No need

For financial


No point

In trimming the hedges.

This is,


A family affair,

Lubricated with the spark

Of Conservative Champagne.


Sneaky voyeurs

Pay a good price

For the steam in the room

Where business thrives,

Where public assets

End up privatised,

Where bastards in arms

Trade our demise.


Broadcasted in Bloomberg

For the rest of the world!

Close-ups available

In the salmon press!



Copyright © 2012-2015. Tony Martin-Woods (A.M.A.)

Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved.

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